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Capricorn review and compare

Capricorn is the tenth astrological sign in the zodiac, originating from the constellation of Capricornus.

Capricorn compare



Friend: Capricorn is intelligent, stable and reliable, and this makes its representatives loyal and extremely good friends, standing in one’s life as pillars on their way to their dreams. They need to be surrounded by people who don’t ask too many nosey questions, know where boundaries are set, but also warm, open-hearted and loyal enough to follow their lead. They will not collect too many friends in this lifetime, but turn to those who make them feel at peace, intelligent and honest at all times.
Like: Quality craftsmanship
Like: Understated status
Like: Music
Like: Tradition
Like: Family
Dislike: Almost everything at some point
Career: Capricorns will set high standards for themselves, but their honesty, dedication and perseverance will lead them to their goals. They value loyalty and hard work over all other things, and keep associates with these qualities close even when they might be intellectually inferior. Concentrated and resourceful, this is someone who gets the job done, doesn’t mind long hours, and commits to the final product completely.
Weaknesses: Expecting the worst
Weaknesses: Condescending
Weaknesses: Unforgiving
Dislike: Know-it-all
Constellation: Capricornus
Duration: December 21 – January 20
Element: Earth
Sign ruler: Saturn
Sign ruler: Moon
Detriment: Mars
Exaltation: Neptune
Exaltation: Jupiter
Color: Black
Color: Brown© 2018