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Cable review and compare

Cable is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, commonly in association with X-Force and the X-Men.

Cable compare

Marvel Cable


Color: Blue
Gender: Male
Hair: White (formerly Brown)
Height: 6'8"
Name: Nathan Christopher Charles Summers
Weight: 350 lbs.
Abilities: Cybernetic enhancement
Abilities: Expert marksman and hand-to-hand combatant
Abilities: Technopathy
Abilities: Telekinesis
Abilities: Telepathy
Creators: Rob Liefeld
Creators: Louise Simonson
First appearance: January 1986
Partnerships: Hope Summers
Partnerships: Deadpool
Partnerships: Rachel Summers
Partnerships: Domino
Place of origin: U.S.A.
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Species: Human Mutant
Team affiliations: The Underground
Team affiliations: Avengers Unity Division
Team affiliations: New Mutants
Team affiliations: The Twelve
Team affiliations: Six Pack
Team affiliations: Askani
Team affiliations: X-Force
Team affiliations: X-Men© 2018