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Aries review and compare

Aries is the first astrological sign in the zodiac, spanning the first 30 degrees of celestial longitude.

Aries compare

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Like: Individual sports
Like: Physical challenges
Like: Taking on leadership roles
Like: Comfortable clothes
Dislike: Work that does not use one's talents
Dislike: Delays
Dislike: Inactivity
Career: Even though Aries representatives can be wise and save some money for a rainy day, this is not often the case for the joy of spending it and taking risks is even greater. They live in the present and aren't that focused on the future, and this can make them irrational and hasty when it comes to financial decisions. Still, they seem to always find a way to earn money and compensate for what they have spent, in a natural flow of energy that needs to come back when invested wisely.
Weaknesses: Aggressive
Weaknesses: Impulsive
Weaknesses: Short-tempered
Weaknesses: Moody
Weaknesses: Impatient
Color: Red
Sign ruler: Saturn
Fall: Sun
Sign ruler: Venus
Detriment: Eris
Detriment: Pluto
Detriment: Mars
Element: Fire
Constellation: Aries
Duration: March 20 – April 20© 2018