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Centos review and compare

CentOS is a Linux distribution that provides a free, enterprise-class, community-supported computing platform functionally compatible with its upstream source, Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Centos reviews



CentOS is a good choice for business or enterprises that don’t need to have the latest features at their disposal and would rather not worry about frequent updates or their current release becoming unsupported. Since CentOS releases are supported for 7-10 years, this distro makes for a great solution for those who don’t have many support resources available or feel the need to update as frequently. CentOS is also the right choice for those who prefer to use cPanel over any other administrative panel, or lack thereof.


What I like about centos is its performance as an operating system for servers, in addition to the stability and features of this robust Linux distribution of easy configuration for web servers, it has a library repertoire and it has the security of the source packages released from red hat.

Centos compare

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Stable release: May 14, 2004
Source model: Open source
User interface: KDE Plasma Desktop
User interface: GNOME
User interface: Command-line
Update method: Long-term support
Package manager: .rpm
Package manager: PackageKit
Package manager: Yum
Kernel type: Monolithic (Linux kernel)
OS family: Linux
Developer: The CentOS Project (affiliated with Red Hat)
License: Free software (GPL and other licenses)
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