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Xcode is an integrated development environment for macOS containing a suite of software development tools developed by Apple for developing software for macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

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Simplicity, the way it's preventing errors and mistakes. Coding in Swift is very satisfying thanks to Xcode. You can use the Storyboards to build the front end interface. In this case everything is almost interface only, with drag and drop objects, and visual settings. I like this because it can really give the opportunity to beginners to develop apps so much easily than 100% programmatically. As an ex graphic designer this is very convenient and I am used to such an environment including UI design patterns.



Not the program itself but sometimes there are too many Objective C in Swift. Sometimes the errors are appearing way too fast. I don't even have the time to finish the lines of code I was writing that Xcode is already complaining and showing red errors. It can be a bit disturbing at first, but we are used to it.



The best thing about xcode is that it's created by Apple and the ease of creating ios apps, for both iPhone and iPad, is very large. You can not only create the app, but also manage the UI, prepare the app for testing, upload to production...

The debugging tool is the best I have used, the use of breakpoints, memory and power management is very good and helps the developer a lot.

I love that there is an emulator with all iPhone and iPad devices to test all screen sizes. Also, one of my favorite features (included not long ago) is the ability to launch the app on your iPhone without having to connect it to your Mac.

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Programming Languages: Swift
Programming Languages: ResEdit
Programming Languages: Ruby
Programming Languages: Python
Programming Languages: AppleScript
Programming Languages: Java
Programming Languages: Objective-C++
Programming Languages: Objective-C
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Written in: C
Developer: Apple Inc.
Available language: English
Size: 2.94 GB
Source model: Closed
Stable release: May 10, 2018
Written in: Objective-C
License: Freeware with open source components
Initial release: 2003
Platform: macOS

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